Let's Be Human Initiative - Share My Meal

Saturday Dec 12th, 2015


The weeks of December 6 – 19, 2015 have been earmarked as the weeks to share your meal with the hungry among us.

No person on earth should have to go to bed hungry with the kind of resources and wealth the world has been blessed with. We need to show empathy to scores of people across the world, especially some children who cannot afford a decent meal in a day. Let us rise and fight hunger and malnutrition all over the world. From the resources you have been blessed with, make your donation at a restaurant of your choice and collations would be made by the restaurants to procure foodstuff and distribute to the needy across the world.

The Plan

When you go to a restaurant to eat or to grocery store to buy groceries, be kind to give equivalent of a tenth of the value of the food you ate to the restaurant to collate it and donate to a food bank in their locality. The same also goes for the groceries stores, where people make a donation, such monies could be used to procure food stuff or materials from the same store or any other store and such groceries should be packaged and sent to shelters, homes, food banks where they could be distributed to the needy across the world. Some of these donations could also be used by the big stores to invest in agricultural production in countries with arable land by way of backward integration, which will employ many people and help put food on their tables.

This is an appeal to the conscience of people to do this as many times as they could within the year.

The Perspective

A number of the needy in the society do not plan to become destitute but situations and circumstances may have temporarily upset the scheme of things in their lives. We should therefore, always endeavor to treat the needy among us with respect, empathy and dignity because a positive change in their circumstance may transform their lives for the better. 

When you make a donation, do not consider it as a missed opportunity or an alternative forgone of what you could use your money to do, but rather, know that you are sowing a good seed in someone’s life who could be transformed to be a positive influence in the society. Your giving is therefore not a waste but that you are helping to water somebody’s life, quenching their thirst and providing nourishment for their bodies and souls.

The World Unite Against Hunger

If the world could unite to tackle hunger by empowering many individuals, both male and female, to start small businesses, farming and trades, I believe millions of people can effectively be placed in productive ventures, which will ultimately rescue their families from the pangs of poverty.

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