Lessons We Are Constantly Learning on Covid-19 And Recommendations 

  • The COVID-19 has really humbled people of the world, to remind us that we are all one in the fight against this pandemic, which is international public enemy number one. No more boundaries, no more walls, no more discrimination despite closure of some land borders. We as humans should see ourselves as fighting a common enemy and we have to win the war against the virus. If we have ever found it difficult to believe, now is the time to know that we are ONE PLANET EARTH (ONE WORLD).
  • Level of preparation. Though the COVID-19 seemed to have caught the world unaware but the level of preparedness showed that while many countries are prepared to combat physical enemies or aggression more needs to be done to combat health crisis of this nature which could cripple the world. The warning signs had been visible since early January 2020 about the pandemic nature of the COVID-19 but many countries waited till February or even middle of March to start putting in place measures, key infrastructure and medical equipment. The situation revealed the acute shortage of equipment and supplies in hospitals and many medical facilities. The World Health Organization (WHO) declared it a pandemic on March 11, 2020 when the disease had reached a critical stage (118,000 infections in 114 countries with 4,291 deaths as at the date). At this time, many countries were still not readily prepared for the onslaught. However, this is not the period for blame game but the moment to join hands together across the world to end this pandemic. The month of April 2020 is critical for changing the tide of the infection and bending downward the curve. 
  • In addition to the trillions of dollars pumped to reflate world economies and help people overcome the economic downside, corporations and governments should do everything possible to protect people’s jobs. In lieu of massive layoffs, people can accept reduced number of work hours. There would also be a need for swift job creation as well as retraining in various sectors subsequent to the eradication of the disease to absorb lost or displaced jobs.
  • In view of the current pandemic, it is important to institute a workable International monitoring system on health to enable countries and WHO track and report health related issues, crisis or looming epidemic. The world should never be caught in a similar situation. A contingency plan has to be put in place after the extinction of the virus. The loss of lives and the cost of sustenance during a pandemic far outweighs the cost of putting in place the necessary infrastructure to combat the ills befalling nations in different continents.
  • The next real issue to solve in the world is hunger, poverty in the midst of plenty. As the world is rallying around to eradicate this disease, we as a people of the world must join hands together to eradicate hunger on a larger and concerted scale within the next 24 months. About 1.4 billion people are believed to be living in extreme poverty across the world, with majority of them being children. According to UNICEF, about 22,000 children die daily as a result of poverty, that is an estimated figure of 8 million. Massive investment is required in agriculture (food and crop production, preservation and distribution), education as well as affordable health care. 
  • Closely following, is the need for countries to be environmentally conscious and mindful. It may seem like the earth is resting a bit at the moment because of the reduced human and industrial actions. However, urgent steps must be taken to curb environmental degradation, pollution, earth warming and equally invest in infrastructure and take the necessary measures to preserve the earth, protect the environment. Let’s celebrate the earth.


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