I stand with you and together we stand forever

Thursday Jun 04th, 2020


The world that we live in today is full of strife, envy, bitterness, suspicion, chaos and rumors of war. But if we step back and take a careful look at the world, human beings were created to have dominion over the animals and non-living things. No matter your race, tribe, orientation, religion, location, humans are humans! Let us not make any mistake about the overarch superiority of one human being over the other. Let us also set aside the deception that the world needs to be cleansed or ridden of other people, which sometimes lead to consternation, dissension, strife or chaos or break down of law and order in the society. However, war, whether internal or external, has neither never done any good to anyone, nor to any people or any race; it has always been devastating and it leaves many shattered lives and destruction of properties in its wake.

One thing that human beings should begin to embrace is appreciation for the creation and right to existence of another person who looks like them, no matter the color your eyes can perceive. Everyone has the same sensory organs, has the same blood flowing through their system, the same limbs and can operate and function in like manner. Allow your sensory organs to effectively control your action and make it good and benevolent toward other people. This approach would make the world a much better place to live in. Let the old and young generations begin to sow the seed of love, tolerance and appreciation for other people in order to spread the love across the entire fabric of the society. Let us live in a world where we can always love and share love. Let our motto be “I stand with you and together we stand forever.”

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