The New World Order

Saturday Sep 09th, 2017


We need to consciously and deliberately allow love and peace to guide our existence as people inhabiting a beautiful world with a common purpose, that is, one humanity with one large heart, one love and enjoying all the beauty the earth holds so that its sustainability is not compromised but is assured and prolonged.

Love is the basis of our existence. Personally, you should as a matter of fact fall in love with yourself over and over again; then it becomes natural to equally love your neighbor as yourself. When you have love, you have peace and this allows you to enjoy, share and live in peace with your fellow human beings. With love and peace, there definitely will be prosperity. I believe the triangle could be, love - peace - prosperity, which though looks simple can always resolve all known man-made problems in our world today.

Let us therefore all rise and embrace the new world order of PEACE, which in our own words can be:


Emerging from the

Aftermath of

Combats, conflicts, commotion, into

Existence, emancipation and excellence

When there is peace, people can live in harmony, and working together as a team, we can concentrate more energy on solving major health crisis, empowering people to eradicate hunger, using education to advance science, arts and humanities. Leaders would no longer have excuses but to serve the people and lead them into victory over hunger, diseases, strife, etc.

People of the world let us regard this moment as the beginning of a new dawn and so eschew bitterness, embrace one another and continue to promote the goodness in our collective existence.

At the beginning of each game or tournament in any sport, it will go a long way if our sportsmen and women could give a shout out to the world declaring - "we are united for peace."  This affirmation will resonate in the ears and sub-consciousness of the players, the spectators, the carriers of news, and every great person on the surface of this earth. The world needs all of our co-operation to blossom.

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